Turnkey Solution Micro Cannabis production and cultivation

With the advent of the new federal legislation as of October 17, it will now be possible for a person or company to address Health Canadato obtain a licence for micro-production of cannabis.This license gives the holder the right to produce cannabis on a maximum area of 200 m2, approximately 2 150 square feet.

Turnkey Solution!

Our firm offers turnkey solutions for entrepreneurs who want to start a cannabis micro-production project. Our service offer can cover one or all of the following services and needs:

  • Research and localization of a potential production site
  • Feasibility Study;
  • zoning verification and follow-up with cities;
  • Writing business plans for funding opportunities
  • Construction Plans for the building, including safety standards with health Canada;
  • Plans for interior development, cultivation areas and storage;
  • Acquisition of specialized cultivation equipment;
  • Drafting of the various safety policies and good production practices (required by health Canada for the licence);
  • Complete licence application Service from Health Canada, from the beginning of the application, to the issuance of the licence.

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