Cannabis growing feasibility Study

Starting a cannabis-growing project is probably a very interesting and stimulating challenge.With the new legislation in place since October 17, there are many business opportunities and types of crops that an entrepreneur can develop.

These include nursery culture, micro-culture, cultivation of cannabis in outdoor fields, manufacture of cannabis oil, export and importation of cannabis in Canada etc.

Feasibility Study

However, before you invert large sums and put in time and energy, it is advisable to obtain a preliminary Feasibility Studyin order to know the following items:

  • the market in general
  • possible financing through private banks and/or lenders;
  • municipal zoning in connection with your proposed site
  • construction costs
  • operating costs
  • production capacity
  • anticipated sales
  • conditions for obtaining and maintaining the licence with health Canada;
  • taxation and taxes in the cannabis industry

If you want to know more about The state of the market and the real issues of the cannabis industry Before you start a business, we encourage you to contact us in order to get a feasibility study on your cannabis Project.

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