Good production practices (GPP) of cannabis

In particular, in the context of an application for a licence for the cultivation or processing of cannabis, an applicant must provide a manual containing its standards of  Good Production Practices (GPP).

This document is possibly one of the most important, as part of a licence application with health Canada. The officers responsible for reviewing applications and issuing a licence will pay very strict attention to this protocol.

This written policy, which must be produced by the applicant, must cover very many points and explain everything in detail. In particular, the following items must be explained and detailed:

  • Standardized operating methods, namely how cannabis is produced, packaged, labelled, stored etc;
  • The Pest control program
  • Anti-contamination, cleaning measures;
  • Air filtration System
  • Description of the equipment used
  • Hygiene Program
  • A quality assurance program approved by a person with the required scientific expertise (for processing licenses);

This is just an overview of what the GPP Manual should contain. Health Canada may, at any time, require additional standards, if required.

Our team is able to write, in accordance with your business plan and your production methods, a  GPP Policy Manual  That will be approved by health Canada as part of your licence application.

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