Commercial Cannabis production financing

Setting up a business project on cannabis production requires not only a strong expertise in the field of agriculture, but also significant investments in infrastructure, such as greenhouses, production equipment, Lighting, ventilation and safety systems.

Currently, Canadian banks are not very open to making loans to that effect.The situation is called to evolve, but at the moment there is not much openness.

As a result, entrepreneurs in the field of cannabis must turn to private financing or other form of partnership to raise the necessary capital.

With a strong expertise in the field of cannabis licensing applications from Health Canada, our firm is able to assist serious entrepreneurs in the search for funding to set up their operations.

Whether it is to establish a financing strategy, prepare partnership agreements or facilitate access to qualified investors, we are able to help you in your financing objectives, for your production operations, processing or exporting cannabis for medical purposes.

Our firm is able to write, to measure, your Business plan for the purpose of funding cannabis project. Do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

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