Growing Cannabis outdoors

With the advent of the new Canadian Cannabis regulations, it is now possible to obtain from health Canada a license to grow cannabis outside.

Although the temperature and climate of Quebec favours only one bloom per year, trying to account for the excessively advantageous costs, it becomes very interesting for an agricultural land owner to think of a conversion of culture.Indeed Cannabis grown in an outdoor field is about 5 to 6 times less expensive Products developed in greenhouses or in indoor buildings.

In addition, there are cannabis genetics (strain In English), very well recognized, for their viability in outdoor fields and which give quantities and an interesting quality of THC and CBD.

Finally, the setting up of an external cannabis operation obviously requires Investments that are much less important than building greenhouses or converting existing buildings.

Turnkey Solution!

We are able to advise you in your culture conversion project, to Start an outdoor cannabis production.

    • Feasibility Study;
    • Cost Analysis and Installation
    • Market research
    • Negotiation with the SQDC for the resale of your products;
  • Obtaining the licence, from Health Canada, for the required permits, of growing cannabis outside.

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