New cannabis licenses issued by Health Canada

Since October 17, 2018, Health Canada has offered the possibility of several new licenses in the cannabis industry.

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– A licence for standard culture, which will permit large-scale production and harvesting of products;

– The licence for standard processing purposes that will permit the large-scale manufacture, packaging and labelling of products intended for consumers or intra-industry sales, including authorized distributors;

– and for sale to the public for medical or non-medical purposes, allowing the sale of products to adults who do not have a medical prescription, but without a distribution and retail system.

It will also be possible to obtain a nursery licence, for the resale of cuttings and small plans.

The great novelty is found at the level of the ” Micro-culture “And the” Micro-processing ».Indeed, licenses will also be available for these categories, although we do not yet have all the details as to what exactly defines “micro-licenses”.On the other hand, it is mentioned that Micro-culture “will allow small-scale cultivation (200 square metres or less) of cannabis plants and the harvesting of material from these plants, as well as related activities.

The Micro-processing For its part, implies an authorisation to manufacture, pack and label on a small scale (600 kilos or less per year, of dried marijuana) cannabis products for sale to consumers and intra-industry sale, including distributors Provinces and territories under a certain threshold that will have to be established at a later date.

The purpose of these licences is, among other things, to allow the establishment of a diversified and competitive legal industry involving large and small players in all regions of the country.

Our law firm follows this dossier with keen interest and offers its clients legal and regulatory support, with a view to obtaining a licence for the cultivation, processing or sale of cannabis, following these new rules to be put forward by the federal government.

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